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Agricultural Steel Buildings

Blueriver build all types of Agricultural steel buildings for farms and small-holdings, from American Barns, to open farm sheds, dairy units, machinery stores, as well as hay barns and farm workshops. As our case studies show, our agricultural buildings run from basic metal sheds or steel barns to fully tailored farm buildings for mixed agricultural and storage use.
Whether it's a new barn, or updating older farm buildings, all of our agricultural buildings are designed and manufactured to the exact specification of our customers. Our agricultural buildings are suitable for storage, workspaces or animal housing and are custom designed to meet the needs of the farm or stables so they fit in with your existing farm buildings.


All of our steel barns, metal sheds and farm and agricultural buildings are built using a portal frame structure and incorporate the following features;

  • Agricultural buildings and barns designed to exact measurements provided by the customer to meet the needs of the farm from small sheds to extra large buildings for storing large-scale machinery such as combine harvesters
  • Roller doors positioned anywhere on the building or shed for ease of access for instance for larger farm machinery, ease of storage or other agricultural use, including dairy and stabling
  • PA Doors, on almost any location on the building giving easy personal access without opening the whole building up
  • Windows anywhere on the agricultural building, barn or shed providing good interior light for work and internal use
  • Optional Anti condensation barrier applied to the roof.
  • A range of single skin cladding profiles to choose from, in either polyester or plastisol finishes to fit in with other agricultural outbuildings or existing barns

For example, a typical agricultural building for storage use might consist of a single skin outer wall to 40mm to 80mm thick, in plastisol finish

  • Skylights in the roof for good interior light
  • Garaports to the front and/or back
  • Lean-tos to the left and/or right side of the agricultural building.
  • Internal partition walls to create separate farm storage or office space.
  • Open bays almost any where in the agricultural building.
  • Optional mezzanine floors at almost any height.
  • Optional custom-designed staircases.

For more information about our range of agricultural buildings, metal barns and farm sheds please contact Sales Enquiries: 01603 720245

Examples of the agricultural buildings we have built

  • Tractor and Machinery Workshop
  • Fully Galvanised machine workshop with secured and fenced open storage area and dual personal entrances. Finished in green steel paneling with skylights throughout.

  • Open Farm Shed
  • A simple, but extremely practical galvanised Open Farm Shed providing a structually strong steel framed building with low maintenance requirements

  • Storage shed for a farm with traction engine
  • A large two compartment asymmetric farm steel shed for storage and large vehicles built with two-part steel frame with an off-centre peak to cater for the different door heights. Then finished in classic British racing-green steel panels for cladding

  • Farm storage that is great in green
  • This classic steel building shows how well a steel building provides extra space on a farm, giving oodles of space for storing agricultural machinery.

  • Agricultural buildings - Photo Gallery
  • On the following pages are a selection of the types of agricultural buildings, barns and farm sheds that Blueriver Steel Buildings provide. If you require a new agricultural building, for instance a new metal shed, new barn or new outbuilding please contact us. We have many satisfied agricultural and farming customers and can provide reference sites for a wide range of farm buildings.

  • Large Farm Shed
  • Dual roller-doors and a high ceiling with a broad open-space make this a very large log making store with access for large vehicles (lorries and JCBs for instance)

  • American Barn - Fertiliser Distribution
  • American Barns are designed to suit your needs. Multi purpose secure agricultural buildings for todays needs. Attractive, versatile and strong, these farm buildings can be used for almost anything. You may wish to allow a large percentage of the barn's floor space for storage and distribution, while leaving the remaining area for office space for instance.

  • Norfolk Crop Sprayer farm building - Contractor
  • Agricultural building for use as a storage unit for crop sprayers. The building was erected on the farm by the customers themselves showing how easy the portal frame structure is to erect, whilst providing a robust, good looking farm building Alternative uses could include barns, sheds or industrial units or workshops.

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