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Aircraft and Aviation Hangars

Helicopter? Kit Plane? Microlight? GA single or twin? Your own airfield or someone else's? Building, servicing or just a simple hangar for your aircraft? A Blueriver Steel Aircraft Hangar will transform your approach to flying and aviation.

It's amazing how many aeroplane and other aircraft owners suffer from or put up with inadequate or non existant hangar space for their aircraft.

With the risk of vandalism, avionics and fuel thefts, and the good old British weather, a secure hangar is almost essential to protect what can be a very expensive investment in aviation.

Even in established shared aircraft hangars, hangar rash, people borrowing tools and forgetting to return them, litter, and other aircraft owners forgetting to lock up can conspire to create unnecessary anxieties in the person who loves their aircraft.

A high quality Blueriver Steel Buildings aviation hanger provides both weather protection and security for your aircraft and parts and provides an area for maintenance and storage. Our hangers are suitable for a wide range of aircraft from personal aeroplanes to business jets and helicopters, to smaller craft such as microlights.

aircraft coming in to land
finished aircraft hanger
building the aircraft hanger

From simply a pleasant and warm environment to perform preventative maintenance or a good old fashion clean and polish though to building a kit aircraft or servicing your microlight, a Blueriver Steel Buildings Aviation Hangar provides warmth, security and comfort for you and your pride and joy!

Aviation hangars for larger aircraft

The flexibility of the portal frame building construction method means that hangers can be built in a range of sizes and can accommodate larger aircraft such as twins , turbines and old warbirds.

Hangars for GA aircraft

Even the Diamond Star DA40 with a 40foot wingspan is easily accommodated in our range of hangars

Hangars for smaller and non-powered aircraft

Even if its smaller, we know smaller and non-powered aircraft still needs looking after. Gliders, microlights or even space for paragliders and related equipment all take space, need servicing and maintenance.

Blueriver can supply any size of storage area, and because it's in steel, it provides a secure, weatherproof environment for equipment and parts, or even as a club base.

Why spend the money?

It all seems like hard work and a lot of cost. However having poorly built hangers or storage space can end up costing more in the long run.

A typical aircraft hangar

What does a Blueriver Steel Buildings aircraft hangars look like?

Airfield Owners

You can increase the marketability and capability of your airfield by providing quality aircraft and aviation hangars.

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