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Delivery and self assembly

Self assembly

If you don't want us to construct your building, we can deliver direct to your site from the factory. Normally the delivery will be by artic vehicle with an accompanied fork lift to unload your goods

Please once unloaded, using your checklist provided, spend time to check the parts. Should you be a part missing, now is the time to inform us, so we can dispatch your missing item. Waiting several weeks to complete this process is unwise, as you may not be covered for items that are missing.

Please ensure you can meet us at delivery as we need your signature as receipt of delivery and assistance as to where to unload.

We can cope with most terrains but need to know about your site in advance of delivery.

Once unloaded, begin the checking process, ask someone to help you.

Each package is carefully wrapped to avoid damage.

Steel Buildings delivery arrives by lorry

Steel Frame and parts should be checked on delivery

Use a forklift or cherrypicker to handle the frame
Detailed checking of steel building parts on arrival
Preparation for erecting the frame
Using the manual provided and drawings commence the construction process. make sure you understand the manual and what is needed, especially the tools required to make a professional job
Begin constructing the columns for the walls
Steel building frame going up as per the manual
Fasten the building to your prepared base using the pre punched base anchors
Frame fastened to base using pre-punched anchors
Begin to see in a short while your building taking shape
Steel building going up
Frame with cladding being attached
Add the extra the necessary supports to enhance the overall strength of your building
Details of cladding attached to steel frame
Always seek advice on the handling equipment needed, usally a teleporter or cherry picker
Working on the roof
A steel building emerging
You may be adding a side building or lean to, so pay extra attention to attaching this and make sure all steel work is lined up and sqaure
Interior frames for separated storage areas
Make the finishing touches, adding flashings and cappings
After flashings and cappings added
Sit back and admire your new building
Completed building excluding doors

Newly added

Hercocks Steel Barn for Storage

A simple classic steel barn for warehousing or storage

Farm storage that is great in green

Clad in classic British racing green, this agricultural steel building is perfect as a secure, weatherproof steel building for farm use.

Swimming Pools

Steel framed building with glass windows to create a light and airy private indoor swimming pool.

Machinery Storage

New machinery storage unit built to fit to maximise space on an existing plot.

Ample Space in this Long Steel Building

Steel Buildings can be long as well as wide, with skylight panels keeping everything light and airy.

Small steel shed in a tight space

Steel buildings don't have to be big as this small steel shed shows

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