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Equestrian Stables and Arenas

Blueriver has worked with stables and stud farms creating buildings that are designed specially for the for all forms of equestrian and horse requirements creating spaces that are both comfortable, and secure, for your horses and other animals. Our steel buildings provide secure enclosures with wide internal spaces for use as stables and ancillary buildings.

Examples of the steel buildings we have built for equestrian and stabling use runs from 20m x 40m horse training and riding arenas to horse stables or other forms of stabling, or just as storage units for horse tack and equipment etc. We also have a range of other agricultural and farm buildings for more general agricultural use.

illustration steel horse stables with lean to

Whatever your needs, and the needs of your horses, the stables we build are tailored to the use that meet your specific needs where the care and comfort of your horses is essential.

The portal frame design means the interior space can be laid out exactly as you require and the stables are typically custom designed to include space for tack and saddle storage, or space for grooming. For instance the 20m width of standard steel stables can be extended either side by 6m. This will be considered as a lean to producing an American barn style stabling design.

In particular, the building can be built with windows anywhere and skylights, giving good interior light. Main doors can be supplemented by smaller personal access (PA doors). To keep the horses or animals in the best environment, anti-condensation barriers can be applied to the roof and different exterior steel skins applied with or without insulation, depending on requirements.

The stables we make have plastisol finishes make them extremely resilient, whilst at the same time being very low maintenance. Alternatively, talk to us about cladding with natural materials such as wood or timber.

Our equestrian buildings are fire-rated and extremely secure.The internal space of the stables can be configured exactly to your requirements independently of the design of the outer structure.

  • Stables and equestrian buildings - Photo Gallery
  • We provide a wide range of steel buildings for stabling and animal housing. Here are a selection of images from buildings we've installed across the UK providing for both animal comfort and security

  • Stables and equestrian buildings
  • To decide what space and building requirements you have for stabling or equestrian use, firstly work out how many horses you need to accommodate. Now think about how much extra space will be needed for storage. Having considered these give us a call and we can help you work out the dimensions you need for your stables.

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