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Sports, Education and Leisure

Blueriver Steel is a leading UK provider for the Sports and Education sector designing and installing custom-based buildings for use as sports and leisure facilities

All the steel buildings we design and construct comply with necessary standards for Sports or Educational use, including insulation, lighting and safety. The steel-framed buildings enable the maximum interior space, with the ability to add windows and skylights to ensure the best illumination in the building.

Examples of these buildings can be seen in this section, with more to follow shortly.

  • Sports building: Changing rooms for Heaton Stannington FC.
  • Latest project 'Southfields Community College' - Composite Insulated Building that is used as the College's Centre for bricklaying and construction

Examples of sport and leisure facilities we have built in the past ten years

Swimming Pools

Galvanised Structure For swimming pool

Bolton Rifle and Pistol Club

Information about Bolton Rifle and Pistol Club built by Blueriver Steel Buildings

Sports and Social Club

Bradford and Bingley Sports and Social Club built by Blueriver's team.

Golf Club Maintenance Shed

General Purpose Maintenance Shed

Southfields Community College

Insulated Classroom for Bricklaying

South Derbyshire College

Fully Insulated Educational Workshop


Knightingale School London

Fully Insulated worshop to comply with Building Regulations delivered and constructed by Blueriver's friendly team.

Sports Complex and offices

Fully Insulated main building with lean 2 for indoor sports. Doesn't your community deserve the best in sports facilities? Contact Blueriver to make the most of your building budget.

Building developed for Southfield Community College London

Sea Scout Headquarters

Insulated Sea Scout Headquarters Norfolk

Heaton Stannington Football Club Newcastle

Composite insulated Fire rated Roof panels 80mm

Single Skin Wall sheets with interior blockwork

Incorporating meeting room, changing rooms and shower area

Finished in Box profile Forest green cladding

More pictures to follow, plus full specification

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