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AS24 Vented Sheet

Ventilated Light Duty Wall Sheet

Louvred both sides for maximum ventilation
Extra wide airflow passage

The Steadman AS24 Vented Wall Cladding Sheet has been developed to meet the agricultural industry's need for really effective ventilation. With louvres on both sides of the sheet, giving a ventilated area of 12% per square metre, the airflow has been increased to generate an even greater movement of fresh air.

The combination of the AS24 Vented Wall Cladding Sheet with the absorbant qualities of Steadmans AS6 Fibre Cement Roof Sheeting provides an effective guard against the build-up of the corrosive cocktail of animal gases, waste and the condensation generated by over-wintering livestock.


AS24 Vented PDF Document (830KB Approx)

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