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Main Building

Length = 18 metres

Width = 9.5 metres

Eave height = 5.5 metres

Ridge height = 6.423 metres

Roof Pitch = 11 degrees

Number of bays = 6

Bay size = 3 metres

Cladding and Rain Water

Wall Cladding = AS24 1000W Plastisol 0.5 Wall Cladding

Roof Cladding = AS30 1000W Plastisol 0.5 Roof Cladding

Number of Skylights = 12

Type of Skylights = AS30 Skylight

Anti Condensation Barrier = included

Gutter Type = Gutter Plastisol

Down pipe type = Downpipe 75 x 75

Roller Doors

1. 4.37m wide by 4.8m high Olive Green roller door, with electric opener.

Access Doors

1. Standard, 0.95m wide by 2.04m high.

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