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Composite Panels

We manufacture our own composite panels, the profiles are shown below and insulation up to a maximum of 100mm is available.

AS35/1000 PIR Roof and Wall Panel

Fire Performance

Wall (Two hour fire resistance)
AS35/1 000 fighter Insulated Panels are tested to LPS 1181 EXT A-i 5, BS476 Part 22 Fire Resistance, giving 125 minutes integrity and 20 minutes insulation. Panels must be vertically laid, main fix every valley with external stitchers at 300mm ctrs. No Internal stitchers required.

Roof and Wall
AS35/1 000 PIR Insulated Panels are tested to LPS1181 EXT-B. Panels must be laid vertically, main fix every valley with external stitchers at 450mm ctrs. for roof panels and 300mm ctrs. for wall panels. No internal stitchers are required.

AS35/1 000 Insulated Panels side lap joints incorporate a standard factory applied seal which assists in air leakage control and site build quality. Insulation quality and continuity is factory controlled providing no condensation, thermal bridges or moisture risk.

AS35/1000 Insulated Panels combine factory controlled thermal performance with an airtight joint system, to provide specifiers and contractors with confidence and a secure method to meet the new Building Regulations.

AS35/1 000 Insulated Panels are manufactured using CFC and HCFC Free Technology producing a panel with zero Ozone Depleting Potential offering designers an environmentally responsible product, with a life expectancy of up to 40 years.

AS35/1 000 Insulated Panels are fully compatible with Steadmans wide range of pre-engineered construction products, purlins, gutters, flashings, rooflights, accessories and fixings.

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  • CFC, HCFC Free, PIR Core. Zero Ozeone Depletion Potential
  • BS-EN ISO 9001-2000 Quality Approved Product
  • Insurer Approved. Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approved roof and wall system
  • Fully complies with Building Regulations Part L2 (England and Wales) and Part J (Scotland)
  • Reliability against air leakage
  • Continuity of insulation, no cold bridges, no interstitial condensation
  • Reduced site build time, single component, single fix installation

  • Complies with HSE and CDM Requirements
  • Available in a variety of weatherside coatings and colours, including Juniper Green and Slate Blue
  • Non fibrous and unaffected by moisture
  • A wide range of compatible rooflight options
  • 1000 cover width, suitable for all building applications with a roof slope of 4 or more
  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment. External envelope
  • Life expectancy of up to 40 years with up to 25 years to first maintenance

Composite Roof Panel Details

Fixings and Positioning

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Note: Panels are fixed to the steelwork using self-drilling high thread screws. Panels are generally fixed in the valleys unless special conditions exist that make crown fixing essential.


AS35 Range PDF Document - (3.8MB Approx)

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