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Industrial Steel Buildings

Blueriver Steel Buildings provides custom designed Industrial-use steel buildings for all purposes, from metal sheds to industrial units and offices. Whether it is for extra storage space to worksheds and full-on manufacturing units. All of our quality industrial buildings are designed and manufactured to the exact specification of our customers providing tailored units designed for the specific business needs.

Below, you can find examples of a farm that used our steel buildings to add industrial units and a second example of transport units in Lincolnshire providing storage facilities.

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industrial steel building

All of our industrial steel buildings are built using portal frames  in cold-rolled steel with common features such as

  • Each industrial steel buildings is designed to exact measurements for the precise customer and location requirements
  • A huge selection of roller doors can be positioned anywhere on the building.
  • PA (personal access) Doors, on almost any location on the buildings.
  • Windows anywhere on the building.
  • Optional Anti condensation barrier applied to the roof.
  • A range of single skin cladding profiles to choose from, in either polyester or plastisol finishes.
  • Double skin composite panels ranging from 40 to 80mm thick.
  • Double skin composite with (PIR fire rated) panels ranging from 40 to 80mm thick.
  • Skylights in the roof.
  • Garaports to the front and/or back of the garages.
  • Lean-tos to the left and/or right side of the garage.
  • Internal partition walls.
  • Open bays almost any where in the building.
  • Mezzanine floors at almost any height.
  • Custom Designed Stair cases.

Examples of the industrial buildings we build

  • Waste Recycling Plant Sheffield
  • Sewage Treatment Works - Waste Recycling Group (WRG Sheffield) - dual buildings for recycling materials from waste streams.

  • Steel Fabrication Factory and Offices
  • Finished in Ocean Blue this fully insulated factory unit complies with Building Regulations. Since the installation of this industrial unit the client has extended the building by 20m.

  • Case Study - Lincolnshire Transport Company
  • A large Industrial Unit Built Late 2005 in Scotter Lincolnshire for transport storage built with a dark green steel skin offering secure and flexible accommodation with two main doors for access and giving 7 bays for vehicles.


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