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Retail Electrical Sales Unit Retail Electrical Sales Unit

Fully Insulated Retail Shop unit constructed in Essex. This steel-built building includes storage and warehousing with direct access for deliveries at the rear through two roller doors, while providing a shop area for retailing to the front. The steel walls and roof are fully insulated providing a secure, yet comfortable working environment.


Main Building
Length = 21 metres
Width = 5.4 metres
Eave height = 3 metres
Ridge height = 3.476 metres
Roof Pitch = 10 degrees
Number of bays = 5
Bay size = 4.2 metres
Steel Cladding and Rain Water
Wall Cladding = AS35 - 60mm Composite LPC PIR
Roof Cladding = AS35 - 80mm Composite LPC PIR
Number of Skylights = 10
Type of Skylights = AS35 - 80mm Composite Skylight
Roller Doors
1. 3.15m wide by 2.4m high Goosewing Grey roller door, with no electric opener.
2. 3.15m wide by 2.7m high Goosewing Grey roller door, with electric opener.

External view of steel framed retail shop


Spacious interior with skylights and windows providing natural light


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