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Canine and Kennels

A Blueriver Steel Building can be the perfect option for dog breeders and pet owners looking to construct high quality professional kennels for dogs or other animals providing security and ease of maintenance, together with animal comfort.

Built to high standards of comfort, our steel kennels cost less and are twice as flexiible as other housing solutions, providing both comfort and shelter and low maintenance requirements without breaking the bank.

Tough from the outside, then add your interior to suit the numbers of animals you have. Perfect buildings for boarding kennels, housing for animal breeding or using dogs for security. Single skin or insulated to fire rated standards and insulation factors. Domestic buildings for your pets at home. Build it yourself or hire us to erect the kit delivered to your door.

Please see our Standard Price Range by clicking 'standard animal housing prices on the left of this page

kennels for dogs

5m x 8m x2.4m eave. Single Skin Cladding with Anti Condensation barrier preventing Moisture build up. Internal Kennels not supplied by Blueriver 

Dog Kennel 4.5m x 10m x 2.2m eave


Dog Kennel


Interiors seperate pricing structure


Skylights and Anti Condensation barrier


Blueriver Steel Buildings, Post Office Rd, Little Plumstead, Norwich. Phone: 01603 720245
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