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Storage shed for a farm with traction engine Storage shed for a farm with traction engine

A large two compartment asymmetric farm steel shed for storage and large vehicles built with two-part steel frame with an off-centre peak to cater for the different door heights. Then finished in classic British racing-green steel panels for cladding

Asymmetric two-door steel-build shed for farm use

Interior shot showing the roof with skylighting (not insulated) and steel-beam structure.

Interior view with separating internal wall and skylights

And the view from the roof showing the skylighting from the top with the single roof run, again clad in racing green for maximum protection.

Steel shed from the roof clad in racing green with skylights

And the traction engine - a G.T. Bullimore Thrashing Contracter waiting for its new home to be built.

Steam engine waiting for new home to be built

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