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Colour Chart

Twelve different colours means that you can either stand out from the crowd or blend into the surrounding countryside, its your choice!

Steel buildings are most frequently clad in steel panels that come pre-prepared with a special organic coating that is added to the steel at the time of fabrication giving a secure chemically bonded coating that requires practically no maintenance. Panels are available in a range of different colours and styles. If steel cladding is not your thing, we can also advise on non-steel cladding like wood or brick in-fills.

Colour chart for steel buidlings cladding

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Newly added

Ample Space in this Long Steel Building

Steel Buildings can be long as well as wide, with skylight panels keeping everything light and airy.

Swimming Pools

Steel framed building with glass windows to create a light and airy private indoor swimming pool.

Hercocks Steel Barn for Storage

A simple classic steel barn for warehousing or storage

Small steel shed in a tight space

Steel buildings don't have to be big as this small steel shed shows

Machinery Storage

New machinery storage unit built to fit to maximise space on an existing plot.

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